How to use Finale plug-ins.

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Here are some general tips on how to use the plug-ins in Finale:

  • Exit Finale first, if you want to reorganize the plug-ins.
  • Remove the plug-ins you'll never use. The Plug-ins menu will be smaller, Finale will load faster and will also require a bit less memory. Put these unused plug-ins in a separate folder (that is not part of the plug-in folder tree), and you'll have easy access to them if you change your mind later on.
  • The plug-ins can be organized in any number subfolders within the plug-in folder tree structure. These subfolders will then appear as submenus in the Plug-ins menu the next time you start Finale.
  • Any tool that can select measures can be used to call plug-ins that require a measure selection. For example, the Staff Tool, Measure Tool, Repeat Tool, Clef Tool, Key Signature Tool, and so on...
  • If you repeatedly use a number of plug-ins in succession, create a FinaleScript that calls all the plug-ins and use that script instead. The FinaleScript can also automatically fill in the values a plug-in would need.