Chamber Music Templates

Chamber music templates aimed towards classical music, created by David Young. These files are Finale 2005 file format, but should work in later Finale versions as well. PDF documentation for each template are included in the package. These templates are included:

  • String Quartet
  • String Quintet
  • Piano Trio
  • Piano Quartet
  • Piano Quintet
Orchestra Templates

David Young has created a number of orchestra template files (all in Finale 2004  file format, should work on later versions as well) which are all aimed towards classical orchestral composing. For example, the list of expressions and instrument lists are "optimized" for classical works. Separate PDF documentation for each template file is available in the package as well.

These orchestra layouts are available in this package:

  • Very Small Orchestra
  • Very Large Orchestra
  • Small Orchestra
  • Medium Orchestra
  • Medium Large Orchestra 1
  • Medium Large Orchestra 2
  • Large Orchestra 1
  • Large Orchestra 2
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