The previous challenge was partly related to kerning in music. This new challenge is purely related to kerning in text. Here it is...

You're going to engrave a piece called "The Wind in the Willows". The publisher wants the title in 18 points Times New Roman, centre-justified on three rows, like this screen shot:


However, the publisher also requires that the 3 uppercase letters should be in 26 points, still in Times New Roman. (To change that in Finale, edit the text block, mark the uppercase letter, select "Other..." as font size and enter 26.) This would by default look like this:


Obviously, this isn't anywhere close to publishing quality. For example, the letter W stands out so much from the rest of the word, that it almost becomes 2 words ("Wind" becomes "W ind" - "Willows" becomes "W illows"). The most obvious spacing issues have been marked with red arrows in the screen shot below:


So, obviously these issues have to get fixed. After adjusting the kerning, the end result would look something like this. (The over-large distance between the rows also has been decreased).


So the challenge to you is:
What steps do you have to take to arrive at this end result in Finale? ...and without splitting single words into multiple text blocks?

Try it out, perhaps it's harder than you first might think. Smile

If you want to, there's a file area in the Downloads section where you can upload your end result (it's located at Misc. Files->Challenge). Please put your name in the file name, so other Finale users can identify different solutions after download. (To aid other users, you might also supply the steps to get to the end result in the file or in the file description.)

Again, try to solve the challenge by yourself before you read the comments to this challenge.