The very first challenge is a short example of 16th notes in a (one-staff) part for Violin, where the default output Finale output is not ideal. (The part lacks dynamic and articulation markings, but that's just to give the example clarity. Line thinkness issues and other anti-aliasing effects are caused by shrinking down the original sample picture.)

The music output below is from a document created in Finale 2010 (default Maestro setup in the Document Wizard) with Patterson Beams at the default settings. The questions are:

  1. What's "wrong" (or could be improved) in the sample?
  2. Regarding question #1, why would the sample output considered to be "wrong"?
  3. How do you correct the output in Finale?

Challenge #1

There could be multiple "correct" answers to this challenge. Before you read any answers to the topic, try to make your own answers.

Post your answers and/or comments directly at the bottom of this page.

Addition, 29 december: This new example illustrates the "remaining" part of the challenge in a more clear way.