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Here are some tips when putting together a collection of multiple pieces or movements:


Piece Titles

  1. Positioning can be automated. Although there currently is no "Center on page" option for vertical positioning of expression, horizontal centering of the title can be faked by positioning it relative to the left barline of the first measure. If all start staff systems for each piece are of the same width, the positioning can easily be made consistent this way.
  2. The style can be automated by keeping all piece titles in a separate category, so it becomes consistent (and easy to change) for all titles in the file.

PDF Approach

If keeping every piece/movement in one single Finale file isn't an option, another approach is to assemble all pages for the score and each part into PDF files (where each PDF file will contain all separate pages for a part or the score) and then insert page numbering using a PDF athoring tool. However, this approach will need more work if the material needs to be updated.