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(It seems to be no way that the Page entry field can be copied to the clipboard on the Mac, so this tip is for Windows only.) If you use a keyboard macro program with Finale, here's a sequence to print the current page:

  1. Switch to Page View
  2. Select the text in the Page entry field (at the bottom left). In Finale for Windows, this is easiest done by pressing Alt+A.
  3. Copy the text to the clipboard. This can't be done with the normal Ctrl+C technique. You can instead use any of these methods: Pressing Ctrl+Insert, or bring up the local menu for the entry field by pressing Shift+F10 and select Copy from that local menu
  4. Open the Finale's print dialog
  5. Paste the clipboard contents into the Page Ranges input field (Ctrl+V)
  6. Start printing