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Sometimes it can be very handy to make a huge zoom-in to control the exact placements of the elements in the Finale document. A problem with the Zoom Tool is that you rarely get the area you want to view. But there is a fast and controlled solution available. To quickly zoom in to 1000% (which is Finale's maximum zoom value), do like this:

  1. Press down the control keys (please refer to your Quick Reference Card) to temporary get the Zoom Tool - or select the Zoom Tool icon
  2. Push down the mouse button to start a zoom drag operation. [If you're using on the temporary Zoom Tool method on the PC, you should use the right mouse button for dragging.] Push down the mouse button at one of the "corners" of the zoom area.
  3. Now just move the mouse a very small distance - only until a small dashed rectangle is shown. [This rectangular area represents the 1000% zoom.]
  4. When you see the rectangle, release the mouse button.

You can quickly get back to the previous zoom state and view by double-click with the right mouse button.