The challenge this time is:
How do you create the Mozart's "Table Duet" in Finale ?

challenge4-thumbThe Table Duet by W. A. Mozart is a one-staff piece, playable from 2 directions, creating a duet.

When entering the piece to Finale, there are numerous things to solve. For example:

  • A spacing that is playable from 2 directions
  • Clefs and time/key signatures that should be readable from 2 directions
  • Text that should be readable from 2 directions
  • Playback of the piece

The rules for this challenge is that you can NOT use any "special" fonts - only the fonts defined in a standard Finale file (so only use Maestro, Petrucci or Engraver for the music). And the real challenge is that the solution should have as few steps as possible.

How do you achieve both the notation and the playback? Submit your solution to the Misc. Files/Challenges area (after you logged in, select Upload File in the REGISTERED USERS menu section) and explain how you achieved it in a separate file, or by posting a comment on this page.

Here's a PDF of the Mozart Table Duet from Finale that I created (300 dpi picture export from Finale 2011) as an example today (solution, but without explanation). A4 page format.

And here are 2 YouTube clips with the scrolling playback from Finale 2011. (standard built-in Garritan violin sounds):

In the Downloads section (Misc. Files/Challenges), there's a Finale 2007 file with the music that you can use as a template for your editing.

Looking forward to your findings on this challenge.

Feel free to post your comments on the challenge or on any submitted material!