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Finale 2004 Human Playback Demo

August 08, 2003 - Jari Williamsson

I noticed that MakeMusic! in their promotion material for Human Playback just compared the WAV sound output of Finale 2004 with MIDI output. This will perhaps not help you to know what you should really expect when you press the play button on your own Finale documents.

I've created a quick-and-dirty example of the beginning of Tchaikowsky's 5th symphony where you can compare the visual document (in PDF format) with the final sounding result (a WAV file converted to MP3). This is how it would sound if you save to WAV, or if you use the Finale 2004 SoftSynth output device for playback.

Some information about the Finale document:

[Here is the PDF version of the Finale document]

[Here is the playback result as MP3]