Files/solutions/etc related to the Challenges section on this site.

PDF of Mozart Mirror Duet

A very un-edited Finale 2007 file version (from a MusicXML import) of the table duet by Mozart for Challenge #4.

You can use as a base for your editing work for the challenge.

A printable version (A4) of the table duet by Mozart for the challenge #4. The PDF is a 300 dpi exported picture, so it's not publishable quality.
Challenge #3: The Finale file
This is the Finale 2010 score file which the challenge is all about!
Challenge #3: Score PDF file
Here's the PDF version of the score, if you're curious and don't have Finale 2010.
Challenge #3: Unmodified playback demo
Here's the mp3 file of the unmodified Finale file for Challenge#3, using standard SmartMusic SoftSynth instruments. This is what it should sound like when you press the Play button when opening the MUS file for challenge #3. No playback editing has been done at all, so there's lots of room for improvements here... :-)
Challenge#2 Jean-Paul Gilles
Simply add a space before applying the tracking on the 26 points fonts. The tracking is about -360.
Wind in the Willows Text
Got sizes and baseline shift working, but Finale 2007 doesn't seem to allow tracking between different font sizes. So went with 7 separate text blocks lined on the grid. For something more complicated would have embedded an EPS file.
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