Music Font FAN files

Font Annotation files for music fonts.

If you need more info about Font Annotation (what it is, how to create FAN files, how to download/install files), click on this link.

Fughetta.FAN fixed
This is a new and improved version for Blake Hodgetts' Fughetta font.
Toccata (Blake Hodgetts)
SwingPerc (Sigler Music Fonts)
Swing (Sigler Music Fonts)
SusatoF3 (Notengrafik)
RussMusic (Express Music Publishing)
Partita (Really Loud Font Company)
Opus Special (Sibelius)
Opus (Sibelius)
NovemberExtra (Klemm Music/Robert Piéchaud)
November (Klemm Music/Robert Piéchaud)
MaestroWide PostScript (MakeMusic/Blake Hodgetts)
LeeMusic (Express Music Publishing)
Fughetta (Blake Hodgetts)
GraceNotes (Wendy Carlos)
Golden Age (Donald C. Rice)
A ZIP file containing 4 different FAN files.
GhentMallets (Ron Caltabiano)
Ghent (Ron Caltabiano)
Espressivo (Bayard-Nizet)
New, updated version of the Espressivo.FAN file.
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